Why data center cooling is a need of the hour?

Data is like a blood in any IT company and Datacenter is like the heart. A breakdown in data center operations is the worst possible nightmare for any tech company or organization with an IT department. It is like a heart attack and if not diagnosed and treated in-time; it can make the entire company’s operations go upside down.

So how to avoid this heart attack in the first place? What are the precautionary measures?

This is where data center cooling jumps in –  server temperature management is the most significant factor that contributes to the optimum condition of data center operations; which is why data center cooling is the biggest concern of data managers.

What is Data Center Cooling?

A lot of people are asking what exactly is data center cooling. Well to be brief, “Data center cooling is a set of techniques, tools, and processes that are used to ensure an ideal and safe operating temperature within a data center facility.”

Data center cooling systems involve the following three essentials,

Infrastructure: It can be a simple cooling apparatus like air conditioners or complex cooling towers and air ducts.

Management: It can be done by a number of ways but the most popular method is the purpose-built cooling management software.

Monitoring:  Timely inspection of equipment and procedures across the data center facility to ensure proper working.

Importance of Data Center Cooling

As the world is slowly stepping into the digital realm, the traditional means of data storage such as files and lockers are becoming obsolete and soon enough; every information will be placed at a data center. This has lead to the technological advancement of the data center, and more and more research is being done to upgrade these facilities; keep them safe and ensure their optimum performance.

Rise in temperature and humidity to a certain level inside a data center facility can lead to the damaging of machines or servers within. The problem with many data center managers and CIO’s is that they often overlook the importance of temperature management, for them, it is not a big thing to worry about. This is a very wrong approach. Even if the temperature rise is considerably low – but if its constant, it can lead to a level where it can cause massive damage, disruption, and mayhem, something you definitely want to avoid at all costs.

Fortunately, keeping the data center temperatures in check is not very difficult, and you can use various methods to keep temperatures at the right level.

Here are three important reasons why every company should consider data center cooling.

●     Proper and efficient cooling of the data center is essential to make sure that the entire data center facility is receiving enough cooling and ventilation required to keep all devices and equipment within the prescribed temperature range.

●     Temperature management in data centers can also help increase the lifespan of, computers and other equipment etc, it minimizes the likelihood of malfunctions.

●     In a worst-case temperature rise, the entire facility may blow up destroying equipment worth thousands of dollars and can also be a threat to life. In addition to that, the data could become broken, lost, corrupted and fit only for scrap.

Data Center Cooling – The Dilemmas

Data Center Temperature Monitoring and Management has emerged out as one of the biggest challenges for IT companies. The increased demands for real-time data with enhanced agility is a major concern for many data center managers. Moreover, the rising energy costs and impending carbon taxation has put data center managers and information officers in a very difficult position.

On top of that, there are so many different methodologies being used in the market and it gets very difficult for managers to pick the right solution. Well, the solution is entirely subjective and depends on the scope of your business. However, it is wise to get an expert opinion.

StarWind Proactive Support

Although data center cooling methods resolve one of the biggest issues that arise in a data center but still, the major problem lies there and that is of monitoring the data center all the time in order to look for any possible issues. StarWind Proactive Support has come forward as a solution to this problem because this is designed to look after your data centers 24/7 and resolve the issues even before they become a major threat for your IT environment.

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