What is IT Infrastructure Optimization?


With the immense involvement of information technology in every industry these days, the IT infrastructure is considered as the foundation stone of every business now. A few decades ago, the process of building an IT infrastructure was considered as a tedious task to accomplish. However, with the advancement in technology, this process has been made much easier. Nevertheless, creating an IT infrastructure is not that difficult rather its maintenance and optimization are more important.

IT infrastructure optimization resides around three major concerns, which are listed below:

●       Efficiency- Getting as higher performance as possible from your IT infrastructure

●       Flexibility- Making your IT infrastructure agile and flexible enough to accommodate more resources on demand

●       Risk Mitigation- Eliminate the risks and threats that have the potential to damage your IT infrastructure to the maximum possible extent

In this article, we will talk about the different measures that can be taken to optimize the IT infrastructure, advantages of optimizing the IT infrastructure and finally we will talk a little about StarWind Proactive Support.

Ways to Optimize the IT Infrastructure:

There are certain measures that can be taken to optimize your IT infrastructure. Some of the most common ways of IT infrastructure optimization are discussed below:

➢      Automate All Your Business Processes: Try to automate as much of your business processes as possible and eliminate the manual intervention to the maximum possible extent in order to increase efficiency.

➢      Improve Forecasting and Prediction: Do not stuff your data centers with an unlimited amount of resources rather analyze your usage carefully and try to predict your future needs.

➢      Monitor Your IT Infrastructure 24/7: You need to have a close look on your whole infrastructure continuously so that it is easier for you to figure out which resources are useless and are not serving any of your purposes.

➢      Control the Hardware and Software Costs: Try to look for such vendors who fulfill all your needs with the optimum price possible in order to attain cost efficiency.

➢      Move Your Business Operations to the Cloud: Rather than housing every required hardware in your data centers, you should start relying more on the cloud services in order to reduce the hardware and software related budget.

➢      Avoid Single Points of Failure: Do not depend entirely upon any one of your resources as this can lead to the single point of failure rather plan and delegate the responsibilities sensibly.

Benefits of Optimizing the IT Infrastructure:

The most important benefits of optimizing the IT infrastructure are as follows:

●       An optimized IT infrastructure leads to the building of strong customer relationship and increased customer satisfaction.

●       It increases the productivity of your business.

●       It decreases the overall IT expenditure.

●       It allows your business operations to go smoothly.

●       It offers greater peace of mind to the IT administrators.

StarWind Proactive Support:

As stated above, one of the major ways through which we can optimize our IT infrastructure is to monitor it continuously. StarWind has designed a service called as StarWind Proactive Support, which is there to monitor your IT infrastructure 24/7 and thus removes the need of accomplishing this task manually. It not only keeps an eye on your IT infrastructure rather it also looks for all the issues that might harm your IT environment and removes them even before they become a major threat for you. That is why StarWind Proactive Support can play a vital role in IT infrastructure optimization.


In this article, we studied what IT infrastructure optimization is all about. We discussed various ways through which our IT infrastructure can be optimized and we looked at how these methods can affect our IT environment. We stated some of the most common benefits of IT infrastructure optimization and finally, we correlated StarWind Proactive Support with it.

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