What is an IT Infrastructure?


An infrastructure is defined as the set of building blocks that lay the foundation stone of any organization. While building a house, these building blocks include the bricks, cement, gravel etc. However, an IT infrastructure is composed of a different type of the building blocks. They include the software and hardware resources that are necessary to deliver the IT services. No IT organization these days can survive without having a sound IT infrastructure. In this article, we will explain to you the basic components of an IT infrastructure, management of an IT infrastructure, benefits of using a well-managed IT infrastructure and finally, we will talk a little about StarWind Proactive Support.

What are the Basic Components of the IT Infrastructure?

An IT infrastructure cannot stand even for one day without its building blocks. The basic components of an IT infrastructure are as follows:

➢      Hardware Resources- These resources include all the hardware equipment such as computer systems, servers, storage devices, cooling systems, server racks etc.

➢      Software Resources- These resources include the applications and the software that is necessary to operate and monitor the IT infrastructure and deliver the IT services.[1] [2] 

➢      Networking Resources- These resources include all the network related components such as an Internet connection, which enable you to have a safe networking across your IT infrastructure.

Management of an IT Infrastructure:

Building any sort of infrastructure is very easy but its management is the real challenging task. Without proper management, no infrastructure can survive for a long time. An IT infrastructure also requires specialized management in order to operate and control its various operations. The two most important considerations that are needed to be kept in mind while managing an IT infrastructure are given below:

●       Security is the topmost concern of all the IT organizations. Therefore, your IT infrastructure should be strong enough to offer the required levels of safety and security.

●       Constant monitoring of the whole IT infrastructure is considered very important in its management. It is done to ensure that all your IT equipment is working perfectly and there is nothing wrong with your IT infrastructure. It is fairly difficult to accomplish this task.

Benefits of Using a Well-Managed IT Infrastructure:

Following are the most important benefits of using a well-managed IT infrastructure:

➢      Cost efficiency

➢      Data loss avoidance

➢      Security from external threats

➢      Efficient disaster recovery

➢      High level of service availability

➢      Increased productivity

➢      Customer satisfaction

➢      Early problem detection

➢      Performance enhancement

➢      Reduced downtime

StarWind Proactive Support:

StarWind Proactive Support is designed to monitor your whole IT infrastructure 24/7. It looks for the issues in your IT infrastructure and if it finds anything going wrong, it fixes it even before it can prove to be troublesome for you. In this way, you can hand over the responsibility of your IT infrastructure management to StarWind Proactive Support.

The most important benefits of StarWind Proactive Support are as follows:

●       Service Availability- Because it resolves the issues before they become a major threat for you and render your service useless

●       Data Security- Because failures and losses are proactively prevented

●       Time-Saving[3] Because you do not need to manually monitor your IT infrastructure

●       Peace of Mind- Because StarWind Proactive support takes care of your whole IT infrastructure without making you worried about anything


In this article, we learned what an IT infrastructure is and what its basic building blocks are. We also explained the management of an IT infrastructure and its benefits and we found out that monitoring of an IT infrastructure continuously is a truly challenging task. In order to resolve this issue, we proposed the solution of StarWind Proactive Support, which takes the responsibility of looking after your IT infrastructure. So now, you can easily deliver your IT services without worrying about your IT infrastructure management.

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