What is a Modular Data Center?


A few decades ago, the term data center was almost non-existent. However, as the technology progressed, the whole IT infrastructure of an organization started to rely on the data centers. In today's world, most of us know that a data center is a room or an entire building that is a home for servers, computer systems, cooling systems, and many other IT equipment. The extensive use of the data center facility made the IT experts think of such a solution through which the data centers can be mobilized.

Due to certain physical requirements, the regular data centers can just not be built anywhere without properly examining that location. That is why the IT experts sat together to devise a method to resolve this issue. The result of these efforts was a modular data center. A modular data center is such a type of data center that is portable and can be moved anywhere according to the needs of any IT organization. In this article, we will talk about the different types of modular data centers, the numerous benefits of modular data centers and finally, we will talk a little about StarWind Proactive Support.

Types of Modular Data Centers:

The modular data centers can mainly be divided into the following two types:

➢      Containerized Data Centers

➢      Skid Mounted Data Centers

As the name implies, a containerized data center is such an assembly of servers, storage components, computer systems, power resources, cooling equipment etc. that are enclosed in a container. Such data centers are typically designed to be used outdoors as they can easily be transported from one place to another.

On the other hand, a skid mounted data center is that type of a modular data center in which all the necessary equipment of a data center are combined together but they are not externally covered. It means that such type of data centers cannot be used in an external environment rather they must be safely placed within a room in any organization.

Benefits of Modular Data Centers:

Since a modular data center is a complete mobile data center, which contains all the equipment that is necessary for the operations of a data center, hence it offers numerous benefits to the users. These benefits are mentioned below:

●       Flexibility and Scalability- The modular data centers provide you with the flexibility of adding in more components to it right according to the user’s needs thus making them highly scalable.

●       Performance Efficiency- Since all the data center components are integrated within a single unit, hence a modular data center gives a very high level of performance efficiency.

●       Safety and Security- If any sort of a natural disaster occurs, you cannot move your physical data center anywhere and you are forced to face that calamity but thanks to the modular data centers. They can be moved anywhere in case of emergency.

●       Limited Installation Time- All the components are integrated in a way that they are just ready to be used hence a modular data center takes a minimal installation time.

●       Lesser or No Compatibility Issues- Generally, all the components of a modular data center are manufactured by a single vendor hence; there are almost no compatibility issues between these components.

StarWind Proactive Support:

StarWind Proactive Support is a service that keeps an eye on your whole IT infrastructure and fixes all the problems that might cause any potential harm to your IT environment. This service can also be used to monitor a modular data center so that all the components within it can keep working accurately and hence prolong the life of the modular data center.


In this article, we discussed the basic types of modular data centers and also the benefits that modular data centers have provided to today’s IT industry. Although, a modular data center is just a complete package but if we incorporate StarWind Proactive Support in it, then it can be expected to be a very powerful replacement of the physical data centers.

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