The Dawn of Virtual Machines


A virtual machine is in fact an environment that runs on the native operating system of a machine and mimics the behavior of a regular operating system. This environment is also known as the guest operating system and the native operating system is known as the host operating system. With the advancement in the virtualization technology, the virtual machines came into play and are very common nowadays. In this article, we will explain to you the basic components of a virtual machine, how does a virtual machine work, advantages and disadvantages of using virtual machines and finally, we will talk a little about StarWind V2V Converter.

Basic Components of a Virtual Machine:

The main components of a virtual machine are as follows:

●       A guest operating system

●       Virtual machine software

●       Virtual resources

●       Hardware device on which the virtual machine is supposed to run

Working of a Virtual Machine:

Virtual machines run on top of a hypervisor, which is a software that monitors all the operating systems. A virtual machine imitates the behavior of a native operating system running on a machine but it utilizes the hardware resources that are connected with the host operating system. Multiple virtual machines can be created on a single system and all the resources attached to that system are shared equally by these virtual machines. Although each virtual machine has its own copy of the operating system. However, multiple virtual machines can run simultaneously on a system.

The creation of virtual machines find multiple use cases. One can create virtual machines for running an application on an outdated operating system, or for testing an application on multiple platforms, or for running an application on a different platform other than the host operating system, or for testing of such applications that are required to run on multiple servers.

Pros of Using a Virtual Machine:

The pros of using a virtual machine are listed below:

➢      Lesser physical hardware requirements

➢      Central and simpler management

➢      Quick disaster recovery

➢      Support for legacy operating systems

➢      Compatibility with new operating systems

➢      Reduced IT and operations cost

➢      High availability

➢      High level of accessibility

➢      High level of security

Cons of Using a Virtual Machine:

The cons of using a virtual machine are listed below:

➢      Lesser efficiency than a physical machine

➢      Creating a large number of virtual machines on a single system can slow down its performance

➢      If the host operating system fails, all the virtual machines will be destroyed

StarWind V2V Converter:

StarWind has recently launched StarWind V2V converter, which is a software that is used for the conversion, and cloning of virtual machines from one format to another. This software provides a bidirectional conversion between multiple virtual machine formats. This capability of StarWind V2V converter provides high levels of timesaving during migration and hypervisor switch.

The main features of StarWind V2V converter are listed below:

●       Windows Repair Mode- Resolves the software compatibility issues

●       Supported Formats– Provide better functionality by supporting the most commonly used formats such as VMDK, VHD/ VDX, StarWind native IMG, QCOW etc.

●       Zero Copy– Makes the conversion process extra simple

●       Hypervisor Switch– Allows easy migration of virtual machines between different hypervisors

The benefits of StarWind V2V converter are as follows:

●       Free of charge- This software is free without any hidden payments

●       Data safety- Since the original file stays intact, hence any chance of data corruption or loss is eliminated

●       Versatility– It supports the most commonly used formats which enables the easy migration of the infrastructure


Although the use of virtual machines is becoming very common these days but like every other technology, virtual machines also have certain pros and cons associated with them. Before making use of a virtual machine, one carefully needs to analyze his situation, context of use and the drawbacks associated with it. Only then, he can ensure a safe usage of a virtual machine.

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