Storage Infrastructure


The storage infrastructure of any organization is defined as a combination of different hardware and software resources that work in coalition with each other in order to support the storage requirements of that organization. The storage infrastructure is considered as the backbone of the whole IT environment. It facilitates the temporary as well as the permanent housekeeping of an organization’s data. In this article, we will talk about the two most common types of storage infrastructures and the divisions of the cloud storage infrastructure. We will discuss the management of the storage infrastructure and finally, we will talk a little about StarWind Storage Appliance.

The Two Most Common Types of Storage Infrastructures:

Although the storage infrastructure of any IT firm can be customized right according to the storage needs of that particular organization generally, the storage infrastructures can be divided into the following two types:

●       Physical Storage Infrastructure

●       Cloud Storage Infrastructure

We will try to draw a distinction between these two storage infrastructures by discussing them briefly. The physical storage infrastructure refers to such an assembly of storage in which different types of storage devices such as disks, tapes, servers etc. are connected together to give rise to a huge storage capacity and the employees of that organization can physically see that setup. On the other hand, the cloud storage infrastructure is that type of the storage infrastructure in which the actual storage medium is hidden from the user and he gets an illusion of a virtualized storage medium.

Divisions of Cloud Storage Infrastructure:

With the advancement in virtualization technology, more and more companies are migrating their data to the cloud storage. The cloud storage infrastructure is further divided into the following two categories:

➢      Public Cloud Storage Infrastructure- Public Cloud is such a type of the cloud storage infrastructure, which is there to facilitate the storage requirements of multiple users at a time, and the storage resources of such an infrastructure is shared between all these users.

➢      Private Cloud Storage Infrastructure- Private Cloud is that type of cloud storage infrastructure, which is designed within an organization in order to fulfill the storage needs of that particular organization.



Management of the Storage Infrastructure:

Whenever we talk about any infrastructure, we never forget to discuss its management. The management of the storage infrastructure plays a very vital role in its smooth operations. A good management tool must be employed in any IT firm, which can responsibly look after the whole storage infrastructure. Many management measures could be taken for the appropriate working of a storage infrastructure. However, the three most important management dimensions are listed below:

●       Availability- A good management tool should ensure that the storage infrastructure is available 24/7.

●       Capacity- It should ensure that the storage infrastructure has enough storage space that it never runs out of it.

●       Performance- The response time of the storage infrastructure should be very low or in other words, it should be very fast so that it does not take long for storing and retrieving the data.

StarWind Storage Appliance:

StarWind Storage Appliance is specially designed for those organizations that have fixed compute platforms and they strive very hard in order to meet storage performance and capacity growth requirements. It easily handles high-performance or unpredictable data growth. The most important benefits of StarWind Storage Appliance are as follows:

➢      Exceptional Simplicity: Because it is designed to serve multiple platforms

➢      Cost Efficiency: It is ready to use storage solution with optimized pricing

➢      Performance and Features: It can simultaneously run various applications


In this article, we talked about the importance of a storage infrastructure in an IT industry. We discussed the two most common types of storage infrastructure and then we studied the divisions of cloud storage infrastructure in detail. Then we briefly described the management of a storage infrastructure and finally, we correlated the whole discussion with StarWind Storage Appliance.

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