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Looks like iPowerWeb likes to keep their servers crowded as well. At this point you may ask, why are we making such a big deal out of this ’server crowdedness’ section? Well, it’s about the probability of damage that an account can cause. Imagine this: you live in a house with 300 neighbors (ouch!), what’s the probability that someone will disturb you? Now, what’s the probability that someone will disturb you if have 700 neighbors? Obviously, the chances of being disturbed are higher with higher number of neighbors. To see an example of what kind of disturbance you might get, scroll down to the Neighborhood section.

So, what about iPowerWeb? Good news first: we found a server with only 2 sites. It didn’t seem like a dedicated server as the registrants to both sites seemed non-related. Which means that this idyllic situation won’t last long as new accounts are added and the server is turned into a monster ‘apartment complex’ with 1080 sites like the server iPowerWeb called ‘host96.’

Customers are supported 24/7 by email and live chat along with 24/7 telephone support. We came across complaints that some people are experiencing very long wait times on the phone.

We also quickly scanned web hosting forums, and the results seemed somewhat worrisome: you better do your research! Our overall impression was that the customer service used to be good but has gone downhill fast. But this could be a misconception because with hundreds of thousands of clients you also get a larger number of complaints.

And since their servers were down during the blackout in Sept. 2005 (what happened to the concept of back-up power at a 300K customer company?), we cannot help but give a 3 star rating in this category.Account Turnover

iPowerWeb seems to offer a 30-day money back guarantee. However, some fees that might be incurred during the sign-up process are not refundable (like the set-up fee).

Keep in mind though, that if you cancel the service after the 30-day period, you might be required to pay a $50 termination fee.

Be sure to read their Terms of Service for all the fine print. The document is easy to read, at least as far as legal documents go.

In conclusion, iPowerWeb is definitely a huge web hosting company. Frequent comments about poor support do rise concerns, however. Keep in mind that the bigger the company, the more you hear about them, both negative and positive.

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