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The professional website hosting company Hostnine shares the same management, servers and support team as its sister company A Small Orange. Both of these companies, but Host9 in particular, are excellent hosting companies that provide superb services at very affordable prices. For these reasons, you can expect this review about the company to be very positive overall.

We will start out discussing some that is negative. During the first half of 2014, there were some struggles with minor downtime issues at Hostnine. However, it appears as though the problems have been resolved, and up-time has been nearly impeccable since September 2014. The company as been more reliable compared to a majority of other hosting companies that are available these days.

In terms of support, their response rate is slower than some shared hosting companies. To answer their support questions tends to take them 15 to 30 minutes. However, for the price, their support is satisfactory overall and their assistance is usually exceptional, and much better than most would expect.

When these kinds of hosting companies are reviewed, we usually demand strong support. Frequently we undertake projects that are complex and there is always a tendency for our hosting issues to need support. Hostnine is always willing and ready to help, and frequently go well beyond what is expected of them. Whenever you are receiving service from Host9 you can ultimately expect to get excellent service at a very affordable price.

What I Like The Most

Support is satisfactory – one thing we really like most about the company is the excellent support that they provide. We can’t stress this enough. Although their support is somewhat slower compared to other favorite hosting companies of ours, it still is up to par and excellent. When it comes to answering technical questions, we found that their support staff exceeds our expectations most of the time. They even are able to provide excellent help with complex aspects. That is the thing that we like most when it comes to Hostnine because their support really shines.

Telephone support – Host9 also provides telephone support for those living in the United States. However, keep in mind that to speak with a technical representative you will need to call them during regular office hours.

Great price – Hostnine’s entry-level price on its shared hosting packages is very low cost. The great features, support and reliability are definitely worth the low entry cost. There are obviously other good low-cost hosting companies that are available. In terms of pricing, there are many companies that are very competitive. But when it is time to renew their hosting services once the initial coupon expires, a majority of companies falter. Low-cost services are provided by Hostnine every year and no coupon is necessary.

Reliable hosting – although there were some hiccups experienced by the company in early 2014, over the past five to six months we have experienced 100% up-time and it has been really great. This company is very trustworthy and reliable.

CPanel – the standard cPanel is used for accessing the Hostnine servers. At this point, it appears to be the norm. It’s always best to opt for a hosting company that offers cPanel due to its convenience and ease of use. Also, if you decide later on to move to a different host, it will be easy to do if you have cPanel access. Finally, if you have cPanel access, a majority of hosting companies will be happy to move your website.

Softaculous installer – it is very easy to install WordPress, Joomla and numerous other scripts using our favorite installer. For WordPress there is also rolling backup functionality, which is definitely very convenient.

45 day money back guarantee – it isn’t the longest money back guarantee we’ve seen, however it’s definitely enough time to make up your mind whether it’s the right hosting company for you to use. During the first 45 days, if you aren’t happy with the service, you can request a refund from support.

99% up-time guarantee – Hostnine offers one days worth of credit for each hour of downtime that your website experiences. However, it is solid hosting so don’t expect you will actually earn the credit.

Great upgrades – it is very easy upgrading at a low price to a better hosting package. If you need a VPS server they have very affordable ones, alone with great hosting packages for you to choose from if you need or want them.


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