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GoDaddy has been operating for over 10 years now and is one of the leading web host and domain name registration/reseller services on the market. GoDaddy offer a wide variety of affordable web hosting packages (shared, dedicated and virtual hosting options), from low level personal websites through to high level global business websites that need large amounts of disk space and bandwidth, and these come with some useful features such as instant set up, Google Webmaster Tools and free promotional credits. GoDaddy can also offer you with web hosting options for both Linux and Windows, which is very useful as not all web host providers can supply hosting packages for both of the top operating systems.

Reliability and Uptime

GoDaddy received a lot of bad press in the first years of their web hosting services for high downtime percentages, but this provider has put a lot of investment into their data centre technology and support features in the last few years and they now offer a reliable and robust service with competitive industry uptime percentages.

Control Panel

Users may find the GoDaddy control panel software a little difficult to use at first as although it is very user-friendly, it is quite different to the other control panels on the market such as Users of cPanel and vDeck, and so if you are used to these set ups moving over to the GoDaddy control panel can take a bit of getting used to. However once you have got the hang of this software then you will find that it offers a very versatile service, allowing you to quickly and easily design, build and maintain your website, and also manage all of your GoDaddy services from web hosting through to domain name registration.

Marketing Tools

GoDaddy provide members with free promotional tools to help boost online marketing campaigns and increase site traffic, which is very useful if you are running a business from your website. These include ad credits for MySpace, Google and Facebook, blogging software (such as WordPress, Serendipity and dasBlog), content management, image galleries and forum tools.

eCommerce Tools

With GoDaddy you can get a number of eCommerce features to help you set up and manage your online store including customizable storefronts, shopping carts, catalogs, PayPal integration and secure online payment portals.

Customer Support

GoDaddy have a good reputation for providing quick and responsive customer service, but because this is one of the leading web host and domain name registration providers in the world it is best to avoid trying to contact the helpdesks during peak times, as there can be up to a 15 minute wait. However as GoDaddy provide 24/7 online, email and telephone support you should have no trouble getting the help you need during off peak times, and it is also worth visiting the website as this has a wealth of information relating to all of GoDaddy’s products and services and includes online forums, video blogs, online tutorials, searchable knowledge bases and more.


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