Importance of Datacenter Storage in 2018

Since the start, information technology has valued data as a strategic resource. Whether it is the organizations and sensors that are collecting it or analysts that are mining and analyzing it from all possible directions, data is a valuable asset for all. Everybody is trying to convert it into either money or to use it for cutting down expenses.

Currently, we are producing trillion terabytes of data per day which makes data center storage a challenge for some companies. The overwhelming amount of data being produced is increasing with every second and the traditional data centers will not be able to manage or store it at such a huge scale for long.

Data Center Storage – A changing landscape

We live in an era where the fields of analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are advancing exponentially. Computing and memory have become affordable and at the same time, they are more powerful than their predecessors. Open source software for deep learning and analytics in combination with economical GPUs has enabled organizations to perform deep analytics. Companies are using these newfound capabilities to study the data being produced for getting insights, finding new leads and improving business processes.

This data-driven era is revolutionizing critical concepts for IT organization such as data center architecture and storage, etc. New models for data processing are creating impact in the storage architecture of the data centers.  Replacing an existing computing resource with a new one, that has the ability to do both mining and analyzing of data, is a fairly simple process that can be carried out with just a rack substitution but to figure out how to feed these resources with a stable stream of data for processing, is an entirely different challenge.  

To meet the requirements of enterprise-related data processing workflows, traditional data center architectures have evolved greatly. Organizations need to ensure that the storage architectures they are deploying can scale easily according to their business requirements which in turn will guarantee the smooth running of data-intensive apps.

In the last five years, the IT sector has seen a great amount of innovation in the data storage industry. Storage has changed from boxes of disks to sophisticated solutions with deduplication. New technologies are emerging every day in order to cater the ever-growing storage needs. The traditional ways are being discarded for the creation of flexible and scalable architectures.

The Age of Data Center Virtualization

With the increase of demand for memory and computational capacities, virtualization of data centers has become the most popular way of meeting storage related needs. Converged infrastructure (CI) and hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) have evolved in such a short time span that they are able to manage both computation and storage in ways that could not have been imagined five years ago.

Data center storage matters greatly in 2018. Data is now a tactical resource that can help you in making your business a success, and the mechanisms levered to take advantage of that data will become core to the success to your business. If you are thinking of joining the data center storage revolution then opt for robust and high-performance technologies and solutions such as Virtual SAN and hyperconvergence appliance, etc. Read more about vsan pricing here.

VSAN is one of the best software-defined storage platforms out in the market. It is easy to operate, simple in configuration and high in performance. VSAN drastically reduces the costs associated with hardware and has advanced features such as multi-tiered RAM, deduplication (in-line and offline), asynchronous replication and flash cache, etc.

VSAN offers full support for converged scenarios and can run hyperconverged infrastructure (HyperConverged Appliance) on existing servers. It is free from vendor lock-in issues, uses COTS hardware and comes with perpetual licenses. This solution is fault tolerant and has high server uptime. VSAN comes with ProActive Support that ensures prevention of any sort of failure proactively.

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