Data Protection


In today’s world of Information Technology, data is considered the most crucial and valuable asset of any organization. Running a business smoothly, especially a business that is IT-oriented depends largely on how you take care of your most valuable asset. The way an organization uses and manipulates its data can take it to the heights of the sky. However, on the same side, the misuse of this data or a data breach can bring down an organization’s reputation and can even wipe it out completely just within a few seconds.

Therefore, today we will discuss the need of protecting your data. We will state the different ways through which your data can be protected and mention the advantages of data protection. We will briefly explain to you the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and finally, we will talk a little about Data Protection with Cloudian HyperStore.

What is the Need to protect your Data?

We all know that technology is an innovation between the good and the evil. It is up to us whether we use it to build or to destroy. In the light of this very famous fact, we have realized today that as the technology is progressing in a positive direction, the rate of cyber crimes is also increasing exponentially. The growth of these crimes poses a serious challenge in keeping your data safe and secure.

Data and its protection are as crucial for an organization as oxygen is for a human to breathe. This importance of data and the serious implications that a data breach can cause, calls for serious data protection measures that every organization these days needs to adopt in order to save its data from external as well as the internal threats.

Ways of Data Protection:

The most common ways of data protection are as follows:

●       Back up your data on regular basis.

●       Protect your data with technologies such as encryption.

●       Grant access to your data after two-step authentication.

●       Limit all the unauthorized access and monitor your environment continuously.

●       Train your employees to follow the data protection practices.

Advantages of Data Protection:

Following are the most important benefits of data protection:

➢        Avoidance of data loss and data corruption.

➢        Mitigation of the risks associated with data breach.

➢        Client satisfaction.

➢        Reduced disaster recovery costs.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

European Union (EU) passed a law that was enforced on May 25, 2018, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). According to this law, no organization is legalized to share the data of its clients with any other organization without properly securing the sensitive information of its clients. All of us know the importance of data sharing in an IT industry. It is necessary in order to achieve goals such as data analysis, performance enhancement, application testing etc. All these goals are impossible to achieve without data sharing. Therefore, after the enforcement of this law, it is obligatory for every organization to maintain and protect the privacy of its clients in order to operate their business smoothly. According to this law, whosoever will be found accused of breaching this law will be penalized as heavily as 20 million euros. 

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