Data Centre and its cooling Methods

A data center is a place which facilitates the IT infrastructure of a company such as computer servers, storage devices, some switches. The place could be a building, a certain hall in a building or even multiple buildings depending upon the company. Such companies rely upon the services it provides and the data that is stored within the data center which is also very important for the company’s daily work.

A data center must endure strict standards of electrical supply, environment temperature and many more things that can interrupt its working and even after all the endurance it must remain operational. As a data center contains a lot of computers and other machines that work non-stop 24/7 and that too with a very high requirement of computation power, so they tend to get extremely hot. So, to get over this problem, it needs a well designed and advanced cooling system that needs to be set up into those systems.

Cooling Methods:

The cooling systems have come very far along the years here are some methods that you can apply.

1.    Air-Based Cooling:

Cold Isle/Hot Isle

The most common method is called cold “isle/hot isle”. The idea of this method is that the cold air in the center is separated from the hot air. The cold side of each cabinet is faced away from the hot side of each cabinet, in this way convection of a sort is created, where the cabinets get cooled.

Both the hot aisle containment and cold aisle containment can provide savings and the statistics. For instance, the hot aisle can save 40-45% more than the cold aisle containment. Cold aisle containment traps the cold air in the system while the hot aisle traps hot air and then it leaves through an exhaust system.

Drawback of Cold Isle/hot Isle

The drawback of this method is that the data center admin has to pump cold air in every time it gets a bit warmer in the room and also, it doesn’t always work.

1. In-rack head extraction

Another method called the in-rack head extraction. The purpose of this method is also to remove hot air, but in this method, compressors and chillers are used to do the trick. They are built into the rack itself for an optimized result.

2. Liquid-Based cooling:

The liquid-based cooling method is the ancestor of all cooling methods. This method uses water to cool down the systems in the data center. Now, because water conducts electricity and is also the nemesis of electronic systems. For that reason, that water never touches the components of the systems instead it is put in containers which then runs through the pipes through cooling tower pumps. The water then goes alongside the server but separated by a barrier so that it doesn’t get in contact with the system.

In this way, the cold water helps bring the temperature of the system down. This method is very effective but like all others, it has a risk of the barrier or the container getting leaked and going into the components, so the data center administrators don’t want to use it.

3. Liquid Immersion Cooling:

Another method called the liquid immersion cooling. Liquid coolant is poured over on system’s components completely covering the components with the coolant. The servers have fully emerged into the coolant, cooling all the hot components of the server system. This coolant is made with a dielectric fluid that does not conduct electricity so it won’t short circuit the system, but it surely can damage your components if it is not used properly.

Monitoring that the cooling solution you opted for works perfectly is one of the important things in maintaining the data center and that everything runs flawlessly. Humans are prone to make mistakes and sometimes they can miss a thing or two that can really mess up things.

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So, here in this article is everything you need to know about a data center and the cooling methods that can be used to keep the temperature of the computers, servers in control. If you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section below.


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