Why you should listen to me?

Me and my daughter on a day out…

You probably can’t help but wonder who am I to be telling you about hosting companies… here’s the scoop. I have been doing affiliate marketing for over 10 years. As you know being an affiliate goes together with SEO, what basically means you need to rank the affiliate websites that you want to make money with. Duh!?

Doing search engine optimization and marketing these days is very different from what it was when I was starting out. Now a lot can be done with social media but most importantly with private blog networks – domains you need to set up on different hosts so as to simulate real life links or “votes” that your affiliate website is supposed to be getting.

Having a safe network (PBN) requires multitude of different hosts that are both inexpensive and reliable. Over the years I’ve used well over 100 different shared hosting companies in search of a perfect blend of reliability and price.

After a while I had a tremendous amount of data on numerous hosts – the ones I got burnt with and the one that performed flawlessly for me over the years. This very website is an extended version of those notes.

You Have The Advantage Now

Up until even a couple of years ago it was very difficult to come by any data regarding PBN hosting, because no one was doing it on a large scale. People would very often use SEO Hosting for that sort of thing what no longer works in 2016. Shared hosts work well with PBNs because there are plenty of regular websites there so you remain well hidden among all those small business sites.

Why Shared Hosting

These servers are very universal. If you get a good one, it will serve you for years. They are perfect for small business owners who want to host one-page simple sites as well as for SEOs building blog networks. And did I mention you can also use them for money sites? Obviously you mustn’t link from a host more than once to your affiliate site so you really need to secure a number of them if you want your PBN to have any power whatsoever.

Why Not Use Cheap $1 Hosting

These companies are most often unreliable. It happened to me more than once where a hosting company would simply vanish from the face of the earth after a couple of months of operating. There are plenty of scammers who move domain from domain offering “reliable” hosting each time under a different name only to scam people out of their money – especially the ones who had annual subscriptions.

If you are at all serious about your business – whatever it may be – that hinges upon sales, services, lead generation, etc. offered online – you should definitely go with a reliable shared hosting. I can’t stress enough how problematic it can be if the server you are hosted on has frequent downtimes or poor customer support. You just wouldn’t want to find yourself in the middle of a promotion or advertising campaign with your website offline and no response from support for days.

I hope you’ll enjoy the time and effort I’ve put in into creating this website. Enjoy the reviews and let me know here if you have any questions. I’ll be more than happy to level with you. See you in the search engines!