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I’m Maks and I’ve been online for over a decade. You could say I’ve had my fair share of poor hosting experience during the course of past 10 years.

Shared Hosting Reviews

…perfect for small businesses and PBN sites. What is Shared

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Whether you are hosting thousands of websites or just one site, you need to have a website host that is dependable.


I got tired of telling all of my colleagues and clients about the advantages and disadvantages of all the various companies within the industry, so I decided to create this guide and site based on my personal experiences so that you could locate the best pbn host company in 2016 for your business. Over the years I have also developed relationships with hosting companies that have passed along coupon codes that can be used to help your business save money. 

The Internet represents the most profitable real estate there is that makes it possible for businesses to get the phones ringing, collect information and obtain leads as well as customers. PBN Website hosting is merely the first step in this process, however it is crucial to use a reliable company. There is absolutely nothing worse than finding out on a Saturday night while you are out enjoying yourself that your business website is down!

How To Find The Best Website Hosting Service For Your Private Blog Network

I have lost track of the number of different web hosting services for PBN that I have used for running my business websites. Some of them have been outstanding, while others have been awful. This website is a compilation of my personal experiences with various hosting services as well as reviews of all of the best web hosting companies for small businesses and private blog networks with updates for 2022.

What You Need To Know About PBN Hosting And How To Select The Best Company

Before we go any further, I’d like to mention one company that I’ve had a particularly good relationship and experience. Not only do they provide brilliant solutions for people who do SEO with their shared servers packages but also stellar hosting solution for business or other business sites. You can read more about them below.

BluSEO Hosting

BluSEO was set up by Martin Hosner in April 2014 and was initially only a digital marketing agency. Having discovered a safe way to host private blog network domains, Martin opened the door to other like-minded marketers & SEOs and let them use his safe system.

BluSEO doesn’t have their own hosting servers. They use a network of various shared hosting machines in different locations and that’s what makes them so powerful. There is no backend or any other CMS that would let you navigate through your accounts. What you get upon ordering is login information to separate cPanel accounts on different physical machines.

So far, no other hosting provider has offered a similar, safe PBN hosting service.


Most Popular Hosting Platforms

As business owners, all of us have different needs. All of us have specific requirements that we need our hosting companies to provide us with. As owners of online businesses, it is critical to find the finest hosting service that we can at a price that is affordable to us.

Taking all of this into consideration, we will discuss the most important aspects of website hosting services for private blog network. There is a couple of different angles we will be looking at this from and it will hopefully help you with determining the kind of website hosting that your business requires.

As a business owner wanting to host your website online, you need to understand that different kinds of platforms are available. Depending on what your specific needs are, some hosting options may be better for your business than others are. Keep in mind that the web hosting plan that is best for your business might be different than the best one for your competitors. It all depends on what kind of business you are running and what your game plan happens to be.

If any of the following is confusing to you, please get in touch with me. I will be happy to provide you with comparisons of services or help answer your questions.

Shared Hosting

To begin with, shared hosting is available. This kind of plan is ultimately for website owners who don’t expect to receive lots of traffic. There will be a regular flow of visitors coming to the website every day, however not so much traffic that it will make it difficult for your webpages to be viewed by people.

For instance, an owner using shared hosting would only expect 100 to 200 visitors coming to their website on a daily basis. For any more visitors than that – or if you’re planning to eventually grow your business – you might want to consider the following option.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting has been designed for website owners wanting to have their websites hosted on dedicated servers. It is a more expensive option compared to shared, however many more perks and much more power are provided compared to what a shared hosting service has to offer. Load times are much faster, you will have much more space on the dedicated server, and your website will perform much better overall.

However, over the recent years more & more hosting companies are offering something what is known as SSD web hosting. It kind of combines some of the functionality of shared and dedicated. Basically you can get a lightspeed SSD shared server for a price of a regular shared hosting plan. The only drawback is its capacity. Since we are talking about SSD (solid state drives) drives the price is obviously higher than for a regular HDD so naturally it will cost more. If you don’t need a lot of space, say for instance 10GB, SSD hosting is perfect for you. As you might have heard loading time matters and Google is all about user experience these days. Faster navigation and loading time = better user experience and who doesn’t need more love from Google these days.

To take this point home, I’ve had superb experience with MonsterMegs when it comes to SSD servers. 10GB of disk space still allows me to host many WordPress sites since each WP installation is only 15MB on average.

MonsterMegs Hosting

MonsterMegs is a blazing fast SSD hosting featuring litespeed, cloudlinux and cPanel to name a few. It is a fast and reliable hosting platform and their shared plan starts form only $5.95/mo. The company has been around since 2010 and is one of the most highly reviewed SSD hosting providers online.

One thing the MonsterMeg’s customers can’t stop raving about is the support. Your tickets are answered usually within 10 minutes from submitting your query. If that wasn’t enough, they also help you solve your script issues if you have any. I was very positively surprised when they solved my plugin conflict and brought my website back to life in no time.

Apart from all that you get the speed. Your script will load up amazingly fast, giving search engines a good signal that you are hosted on a quality server.


BluSEO and MonsterMegs are the two major options for me when it comes to small business web hosting and PBNs. Of course there are definitely other options for you to consider, so check out some of the leading web hosting services that are currently available on the Internet.


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Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

How To Select The Best PBN Host

First of all, you need to realize that there are numerous good hosting companies that are available online.

Companies such as In BluSEOBlue Host or HostGator are a few of them.

There are some services that are much better than others are, and that is where the problem frequently lies.

That is when companies look to pbn hosting reviews such as mine to discover which web host companies are recommended over the crowd.

The first thing that we recommend that you do is visit a site such as the Better Business Bureau. Read the information that they have on their website about the hosting company to see whether the service has a strong rating or not.

The highest rating that the BBB offers is A+ and the worst is an F. A company that has an A+ rating obviously has an outstanding reputation and can be considered to be a trustworthy company. A company with an F rating, is definitely a company you should avoid. If the rating is somewhere in the middle then you will need to use your own judgment.

The next thing that we recommend that you do is visit some of the leading online review websites. Ripoff Report is a site that is dedicated to discussing companies that are known for ripping consumers off. If there is information on a hosting company at this site, and they appear to be a bad apple and repeat offender, then you should most likely avoid the service. Another good source of reliable information that comes straight from users is WebHostingTalk forum. Just search for a company name and you’ll get multiple threads where people share their experince with a given host.

The third thing that we recommend you do is speak with other business owners. This can be a hard thing to do, however many owners do make comments on my reviews, which helps others find the best hosting companies. That is the main reason why I started this website to begin with – to offer a platform that individuals could use for sharing their personal pbn hosting reviews through commenting on my website directly.

The pbn hosting company reviews that I provide are among the best that are available – that is due to the fact that I have worked personally with these companies. I have man hours documented on my relationships. Other people might disagree or agree with my experiences and thoughts. However, they are often beginner marketers who just like to rant. I have 20 years worth of e-commerce experience. On this page you will find a complete list of companies that I have worked with.

Finally, it is important for you to trust in your intuition. If you do some research on a company and read about their services and everything they are offering, and it appears it will be a good fit for you based on servers, price and other information, then probably you should trust what your gut is telling you and try it out. Based on your research and intuition they will most likely be a great fit.

However, if they are a bad fit for any reason, you should just move on and keep looking. It may cost your some time, however you will be able to find a different hosting company that can move your site on their services so that you don’t have to do it yourself.

When You Should Start Searching For A New PBN Hosting Service

It all revolves around people. Once you are ready to get your website online, there’s no time like now to begin searching for a pbn hosting company. Or if you have a host already but are not happy with the service, then you should start to shop for a new one as soon as you can.

There isn’t any reason for you to wait. You should get your business online as soon as possible. Begin marketing your products and services over the Internet. Bring new customers in smart, efficient and quick way. As an SEO and Internet Marketing service provider, I have lots of experience with tools as well to help with ranking your website. Click to see my SEO tools review section and read why they are so important to be part of your tool kit if you are marketing & managing multiple websites online.

Thank you for reading this far. Hopefully I have helped make the process of finding good web hosting for PBN and a small business a lot easier. It shouldn’t be too challenging to find good small business hosting. However, since you would like to have your website online as much as you can, it is very important to select a company that is reputable.

This website is based on my 10 years working online. So learn from my experience and mistakes. Also take full advantage of any of the savings coupon codes that are available on my site. Many companies have passed these on to me in exchange for me being a voice for business owners wanting to learn about potential industry scams and the best companies.

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